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Gipra Agripreneurs

Manufacturing Process

Collection Of Palm Sheaths

Our products are manufactured from fallen dry sheaths of Betel nut trees. Areca Palm leaves along with sheath after completing its life cycle fall naturally from the Areca Palm tree and are collected by the local farmers for further processing and used for making products  


Drying :

Because of humidity, these sheaths contain some moisture content hence they are dried naturally under the sun thus ruling out any possibility of fungus.


Washing and Cleaning :

Now the sheaths are washed and cleaned by water  and hand using a brush for  remove any dust.


Hydraulic Heat Pressing : 

These sheaths are laid in the machines, where these will be pressed into the shape of the dies used. For making different shaped/sized plate, 


Edge Trimming, Sorting & Cleaning :

These plates are now trimmed for any excessive/unwanted sheath which may still be attached. Post trimming, manual cleaning is again done on the sorted plates.


Quality Check and Packing :

  • Several tests are done to check the quality of the plates. To ensure the products are ready for immediate use.
  • Now clean and ready to use plates are shrink wrapped with silicone gel based on the requirement like in the pack of 10 plates/ 25 plates / 50 plates etc. These shrink wrapped units are now placed in a cardboard carton so that these can be shipped safely.

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